Gun transfers/ buying a gun online: 
The process is easy. Buy the firearm you want. Once you have bought it, email us the type of firearm, place or auction site you bought it from, invoice /auction number and the sellers email address. Once we have that information we will email the seller a copy of our FFL license and cc you on the email. Once the firearm arrives we will contact you for an appointment to meet for your transfer.  Price is $38 and VA Police fee is $2. 

Class III sales & transfers:
Purchasing a suppressor or NFA item? We do finger prints and photos.  Email us the details and we can handle the transfer. Currently, we charge $85 for Class III transfers. We also stock and sell suppressors and SBRs. It's imperative to purchase the right suppressor the first time, you will have it the rest of your life like a tattoo. You will be paying a $200 tax stamp, and keeping it for generations to come,  thus getting it right is important. We have years of experience using and selling suppressors. We can offer you advice from personal use and a wealth of information from our numerous customers' experiences. 


         JC Fireams