Ruger M77 

  • Thread barrel 5/8x24 
  • Target crown barrel
  • Time and machine Dead Air quick attach suppressor mount to 12 o'clock with no timing shims for a clean fit. 
  • Satin finish barrel to match the receiver (used to be chrome like the scope rings with scratches on it)
  • Relieved thumb hole stock for the Ruger receiver
  • Bed and fitted stock to receiver and barrel. No play in the stock and receiver. Barrel is free floated. 
  • Custom tune trigger to 1.7 lbs. Crisps, light, and clean break! 
  • Mount, level, and bore sight in scope. 

Garate Anitua 

​Refinish, and make parts to get the revolver operational. 



Glock 19x 

Machine Glock slide to fit a Trijicon RMR

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Garate Anitua 


Old Colt pistol refinish 

Customer wanted a more original matte black finish to match the era it was made.

CZ P-09 

Machine the slide to fit a red dot Trijicon RMR. This is a difficult task as the top of the slide is not flat but curved. The rockwell hardness is extremely high on these slides so caution must be taken while machining the slide.



​More to come. 


Thread barrel, index and install Dead Air muzzle brake. We index the brake with no ugly timing shims behind it, creating a clean and true 12 o'clock setting.

FN FS2000 5.56 

Cut the barrel shorter. 

Thread 1/2x28 for Dead Air suppressor muzzle brake. 

Pin and weld suppressor brake to the barrel, keeps 16" overall length so it's a non NFA firearm.

         JC Fireams